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03 июн 2020, 09:44
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Тема: I accidentally deleted my character
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Re: I accidentally deleted my character

useless gm sent me this mail for i destroyed my item accidentally

"Максим Гриньков <[email protected]>
26.05.2020 Sal 00:45
You did not understand. We do not recover items deleted through your fault."

There is nothing to do.
30 май 2020, 11:29
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Тема: No need this topic!
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No need this topic!

I sent mail darkrival about my problem but he didnt do anything. Because no one is helping in this game, gm "darkrival" also same, i think not help anyone for problems and the number of players will decrease day by day
25 май 2020, 22:57
Форум: Help
Тема: I destroy my buffer ent mistakenly
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I destroy my buffer ent mistakenly

Yes, i destroy my Buffer Ent mistakenly, looking different pet pictures always because of game bug and mailed this gamemaster guy who doesn't care players "[email protected].com" and he said i dont do anything if this your fault. Sorry but this is noy only my mistake this is your mistake t...

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