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07 июн 2018, 07:51
Форум: News
Тема: Update 07.06.2018
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Re: Update 07.06.2018

1. Please add monsters from Tomb of Bahamut and their drops to Trainee Island. Why? So players can get easier to 210. Adding 200 monsters to Trainee Island was a great idea so please add tomb monsters and their drops too. If youd on't want to add monsters from Tom of Bahamut then change level of: a)...
27 май 2018, 08:37
Форум: News
Тема: Update 27.05.2018
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Re: Update 27.05.2018

205 armor was already on x3000 server cash shop, but it's still not on x450 where it's 190 armor not 205... Please add this to x450.

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