Update 10.01.2017

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Update 10.01.2017

Сообщение Heroes73 » 10 янв 2017, 02:23

x500 server

1) Fixed time Minotaur spawn, Undine, etc.
2) Removed event buff 999
3) New Year opening event (collection of gifts and eventovy drop from monsters) - extended up to 01.15.2017
4) Ear hidden world, Earrings distant lands, enhance the Ring - the eternal now.
5) Merchant added trail map Kyne (tame) and magic map Kyne
6) The shop added - Dragon Ring (Eternal)
7) Summoner bosses on the training island a few new bosses added.
8) Trader Ivy to "consumables" added Scroll creature taming (Above a chance to tame the creature).
9) The shop is off 25% discount.

x1 server

1) Mask from a parallel world, and Cloak of Austin is now available with the 150 level.
2) The new sets (180 level) are now available with a 170-level.
3) Pet buffs added:
3000 nat. accuracy
4500 mag. accuracy
150% physical attack
150% attack the mage
101% max HP
4) Merchant Ivy to "consumables" added stamped document wizard.
5) Merchant added Grand arena Recovery Powder
6) The shop is off 25% discount.
In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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