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Update 09.05.2017

Добавлено: 09 май 2017, 01:00
1) The power of darkness now hangs on when used.
2) Changed the reward in the ursa caves:
Box of Success (Contains a random number of points) - from 1m to 1.5m holic(gen) points
Box of Failure (Contains a random number of points) - from 100k to 500k holic(gen) points
3) Now you can place up to 5 creatures in the Creatures Formation (You need to learn the skill on the basic profession)
4) In all the dungeons, the amount of HP increased in the heart of the dungeon.
5) In Katan and Laksy, the following npps are fixed:
Pyloric Gatekeeper
Arena Merchant
6) Fixed bug when first entering the character
7) The number of monsters in the "Mysterious World (Farming Zone)" location is raised
8) In 2 times the experience was raised from the monsters in the location "Treasury of Spirits"
9) Added titles [RZWOW]:
[RZWOW] Number One
Bonus - +50 to all characteristics.
Requirement - Get the 200 level of the character.

[RZWOW] Seriously? OO
Bonus - +200 to all characteristics.
Requirement - Put ent s1 in the creatures formation.

[RZWOW] The Workaholic
Bonus - Tax on the sale of non-ethereal items with one button is 50% less. (At the time of sale, the title must be active)
Requirement - Use the item "Sickle [RZWOW]". This item very, very rarely falls out of monsters

10) Of all the monsters before 1.06.2017 will fall out:
St George's Ribbon - Increases all character's characteristics +50 for 2 hours
Red Star - Reduces all damage taken by 5% for 2 hours
11) The training island is now a zone to raise the level of 180-190 +
12) Blacksmiths are added boxes of 10m holic(gen) points for the possibility sell points.
13) For a blacksmith for 2b holic(gen) points you can buy a card of a tamed ent ( ent pet buffer ).
14) The maximum level is now 205.
15) From the "Box with wings RZWOW" (You can buy from a coin exchanger for 10 coins of asura) now one of the following can also fall out:
Wings of the cherub (+25%, 3 socket) (30 days)
Bark of the Ancient Ent (24 hours)
Novice Ring (7 days, +100 to all characteristics, similar to the dragon's ring)
16) "Skill Card Sets Kits +10" added to the online store

Also, due to the fact that the update has been delayed, we extend the time for:
Experience х3000
Drop x3000
Buff +999
Discount in the cash shop 20%
Until May 14, 2017 inclusive! Have a good game!