Update 26.12.2019

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Update 26.12.2019

Сообщение Heroes73 » 26 дек 2019, 20:04

!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the game folder

1) New Year decorations included
2) New Year’s event "Saving the New Year Part 1" was added (NPC "Santa Rudolph's Helper" added to the Horizone. Event and NPC will be available until 01/26/2020 ) P.S. The second part will be added in the next update.
3) Enhanced Potion of Experience (210-220), now available from level 210 to 225
4) Reduced time of use and cooldown of skill "Summon Creature"
5) Added 13 new New Year's cloaks (Available from New Year's event)
6) Fixed Slayer skill - "Shadowforged Plating"
7) Creature Mastery: Was - Increases creature stats + 1% per skill level, Became - Increases creature stats + 3% per skill level
8) Blood Synergy : It was - Increased creature strength by 10% of character strength, Increased Physical attack by 4% of character’s physical attack per skill level; Became - Increased creature strength by 2% of character’s strength, Increased physical attack by 1% of character’s physical attack per skill level
9) Unholy Synergy : Was - Increases Creature Energy by 5% of character Strength, Increases Creature Wisdom by 5% from character Intelligence per skill level; Became - Increases Creature Energy by 2% from character Strength, Increases Creature Wisdom by 2% from character Intelligence per skill level
10) Electric Synergy : It was - An increase in creature Intelligence by 10% of a character’s Intelligence per skill level, It became - A creature Intelligence increase by 5% from a character ’Intelligence per skill level
11) For s5 ( Stage 5 ) pets added new socket.
In this last slot, you can equip either a weapon, armor, shield or magewall.
This slot overlaps with Slots 1 and 2 – As such, you cannot have 2 of the same equipment type equipped.
12) To Trader Ivi was added next skill cards :
Shadowforged Plating Card +5
Defensive stance Card +5

Until 01/15/2019 inclusive, on cash shop has a 25% discount on all items, also experience and item drop is x2 rates on all servers (on RZWOW [x3000] - x6000, on RZWOW [x450] - x900)!

Enjoy :)
In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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