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Update 03.01.2017

Добавлено: 03 янв 2017, 20:34
1) repair the loss of Christmas balls. Before, they did not fall.
2) Amend the call bosses, sometimes he stopped working on its own. Now you can summon the bosses 10 at a time, and then if you do not kill does not get the same appeal the ban, if it killed at least one can invoke another 10 bosses.
3) In view of the numerous complaints, it was decided to remove the buff 999
4) In the location "Hidden World" offline PC mode.
5) The energy of fire, water, wind, gold now provides amplification for 2 hours.

Re: Update 03.01.2017

Добавлено: 07 янв 2017, 08:23
Waiting for the nerf of all that of the magical attack, due to lack of m-res and m-def in the game