Update 31.12.2017

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Update 31.12.2017

Сообщение Heroes73 » 30 дек 2017, 21:15

!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the Resource folder

1) Christmas decorations are included.
2) Santa's gifts were scattered all over the world
Opening a gift you will receive one of the following items:
Fairies Lock - from 1 to 50 pieces.
Ancient magic scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Dark magical scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Coin of Asura - from 1 to 20 pieces.
Scroll of ancient awakening - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Mithril Ore - from 1 to 10 pieces.
Potion experience 171-200 lvl - from 1 to 15 pieces.
Gold Ignot - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Box of 10m gen points - from 1 to 5 pieces
3) I raised the level of monsters in the "Lake Kainen" location from 158 to 210 level.
4) Horizon added "Deer Rudolph" in which you can exchange 1000 snowflakes (They fall out of monsters) on "New Year's bag".
5) The time of the Bahamut boss revival is now 15 minutes.
6) For the new year, all players in the store store will be given gifts, expect :)

Until 08.01.2018 inclusive in cash shop there is a discount for all products - 30%!
Have a good game!
In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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