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Update 03.04.2018

Добавлено: 03 апр 2018, 00:22
!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the Resource folder

1) Server names and server rates have changed:
It was RZWOW [x500], it became RZWOW [x3000]
It was RZWOW [x50], it became RZWOW [x450]
2) Added a dungeon "World of Styx". You can enter the dungeon through the dungeon gatekeeper (Teleport to the dungeons).
3) To Ent (from s1) added skills to create: "Potion of Title Ent" (Any player who uses it will receive the title of Ent)
Also, Ent (from s1) added skill: Devotion to the master, Mana Injection, Equivalent exchange
To get new skills, approach the Handler and click "Raise the level of creatures"
4) Fixed a bug of changing the look of the armor of the nusulit (205 level), now the view change works.
5) Fixed a personal cabinet and password recovery on the site.
6) New Year's scenery and event are turned off.
7) The game added a new set to 215 level:
Royal Ring - Energy / Wisdom +100 | You can get killing the Demon Queen.
Royal Earrings - HP Recovery / MP Recovery +1000, Energy / Wisdom +25 | To obtain, you need to combine 1000 Demonic Mithril, which can be obtained from the Demonic Royal Guard.
Royal Belt - Physical Protection +2800, Maximum HP +1500, HP Recovery +400 | You can get it for the task, which you can get from the Manager of Likelihood.
Bonus of the entire set - Strength / Energy / Dexterity / Agility / Intellect / Wisdom +100, Maximum reserve HP / Maximum reserve MP + 25%
8) Raised the maximum level of the character to 220 level.

Information about the old update (It was already introduced into the game a few months ago)
1) The game is added the ability to combine stones +65, the combo table:
2 stones (+65) + 50 mithril ore = 1 stone (+67)
2 stones (+67) + 100 mithril ore = 1 stone (+69)
2 stones (+69) + 150 mithril ore = 1 stone (+71)
2 stones (+71) + 200 mithril ore = 1 stone (+73) - The maximum level of the stone
Works on any stones (+65), including on critical hit stones.
2) Trader ivi for rupees were added:
Combined particle (+100 to all characteristics)
Combined particle (+ 15% to all characteristics)
3) A collection of maps of bosses.
To get a collection of boss cards, you need to refer to Smuggler Maxim (Find him in Horizon near the lacquer dealer), 10 cards of all bosses and one card of Bahamut №1, №2, №3.
To use the collection of boss cards on it you need to click on it 2 times and you will receive a + 100 buff to all the characteristics for 2 hours.

Also before 08.04.2018 in cash shop a 20% discount is activated!
Have a good game!

Re: Update 03.04.2018

Добавлено: 27 апр 2018, 11:31
woundring about the new boss card i did get all the boss cards i just cant have it cloud you please help ?

Re: Update 03.04.2018

Добавлено: 27 май 2018, 11:30
need just double click to collection of boss cards and you will get buff