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Update 25.12.2018

Сообщение Heroes73 » 25 дек 2018, 21:59

!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the Resource folder

1) Fixed some small bugs (with prices, display of items, etc.).
2) Holic, Gen ponts the quest reward for quests is 2 times reduced
3) Buff +999 to all stats (Like all other buffs) now does not disappear after the pet's death or recall.
4) Merchant Ivy added new loot pets.
5) The maximum level of pets is raised to 210. Only the npc can level the pet to 210.
6) SpeedHack protection is installed. So far, in test mode, after a successful test, those who use SpeedHack will give an account ban automatically.
7) New year decorations of cities are included, gifts are scattered all over the Gaia world (Until 01/30/2019), which you will receive a "Gift Box"
Opening the gift you will receive one of the following items:
Fairy Lock - from 1 to 50 pieces.
Ancient magic scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Dark magic scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Coin of Asura - from 1 to 20 pieces.
Scroll of ancient awakening - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Mithril Ore - from 1 to 10 pieces.
Experience Potion 171-200 lvl - from 1 to 15 pieces.
Gold ingnot - from 1 to 25 pieces.
Box 10m gen points - from 1 to 5 pieces
8) Now you can again create the item "Hector's Necklace".
And you can also improve its performance by making "UP".
What is needed for UP can be found in "Combining".
Characteristics of the improved Hector necklaces:
Magic - Hector Necklace (UP 2) - 11% of the maximum HP.
Holiness - Hector's Necklace (UP 3) - 12% of the maximum HP.
Relic - Hector Necklace (UP 4) - 13% of the maximum HP.
Holy Weapons - Hector Necklace (UP 5) - 15% to the maximum HP.
The subject "Holy Water" can be obtained from the "Golden Angel Box from the Altar" (From the altar)
Items: Hector's Felled Necklace and Magic Symbol can be knocked out of bosses in the Ruins of the Ancient City location (Second name is Ancient Ruins)
9) Until 01/30/2019 When killing monsters above level 200, a "Nightmare Snowman" may appear with a small probability, killing which you can get the following items:
Donate gift key
Combined candy - level 3
Box 10m gen points
Snowman's Box (What can drop out of it will be a little secret)
10) Now, if the raincoat is awakened, the belt (and only these items, this change has nothing to do with the other items !!!) 0-24 levels, you will receive 3 characteristics of awakening, if the item is 25-49 levels, you will receive 4 characteristics Well, if the item is level 50, then you will get 5 characteristics of awakening.
11) The item "Change Potion (for Creatures)" has been removed from the sale.
12) The price of the item "Awaking Crystal - Belt" has been reduced.
13) The following items have been added to the Golden Angel Box from the Altar:
Baphomet's Summoning Scroll
Blight Ogre Summon Scroll
Undine Summon Scroll
Minotaur Scroll
Drillbot Scroll
Blessed power of change: armor (Allows you to define the characteristics of the item "[Undetermined] Nusilit's armor" and additional armor gains +1 to random skill)
14) The item "Box with a 220m level for a character" has been added to Cash Shop
15) Now buffs from NPCs, Ent bark, etc. get both of the summoned pets (Previously, the buff received only 1 of the 2 summoned pets)
16) In the “Island of the Forgotten Gods” location, the monsters that were previously 150 were now 210 levels (The 170 rings drop out from them).
17) The item of the Stone of Full Awakening: Armor was added to the Nostra’s smuggler. With it, you can get an additional awakening for gloves and boots (DO NOT WORK on the helmet and armor! AND CANT be used with "Crystall of wakening - Gloves" or with "Crystall of awakening - boots" need choose use STONE OR CRYSTALL), The strength of which will depend on the level of enamels or shoes.
Gloves +25 will wake up:
Reducing the time to use all skills by 35%
Increase the chance of double basic attack 30%

Boots +25 will wake up:
Reducing the duration of all debilitating effects 35%
30% creature abilities increase
18) Added new quests to raise the level of 217-218.
In order to open new quests you need to complete the quest "[TP] Mysterious Request", you can take it from the Mayor of Rondo Ailren
http://rappelz.wikia.com/wiki/Talent_Points - Info about 160 quest "[TP] Mysterious Request"
After completing the quest, the Mayor will send you to Hector. After talking with Hector, he will charge you to kill the Resurrected Supreme Witch as a reward, you will receive a box that will raise your level (Detailed description of the box itself)

Also, until January 15, 2019, on cash shop discount of 25% is activated!
Have a nice game!
In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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