Update 28.12.2018

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Update 28.12.2018

Сообщение Heroes73 » 28 дек 2018, 20:46

!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the Resource folder

1) Merchant Ivy added the following items to the "Enchance - Enchance" section:
Final Sealing Scroll: Armor
Scroll of restraint: Artifact
2) More than 3 times reduced def of the monster "Nightmare Snowman"
3) Increased the chance of drop and the number of items from the monster "Nightmare Snowman"
4) The chance of dropping valuable items from the item "Holiday Gift Box" has been changed, the following items can now also drop you in addition:
Enchantment Set +25 - Armor
Enchantment Set +25 - Weapons
Holiday Gift Box - These are gifts that are scattered around the world of Gaia, just find them and raise :)
5) Now all the freshly tamed unique pets will have 2 unity (the old ones will have 1 unity)
6) The guild and dungeon buffs now work on pets.
7) The NPC buffs now works 6 hours, instead of 1 hour.
8) Buff dungeon now works 6 hours, instead of 2 hours.
9) Within an hour, all active players will be given gifts in the item box as compensation for inconvenience.

In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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