About Bahamut^1 3

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About Bahamut^1 3

Сообщение cagatay939 » 28 фев 2020, 09:24

When i reached some levels, i saw bahamut card in auction, bought it but its durability instantly turned into 0/1513. Asked to my friends about it and my mate passed me another one. It was same, too. I downloaded client from zero, downloaded resources from website etc. nothing solved this problem.

Plus some other player names are looking like "ÂÎûôÎêê" to me. I don't know this is normal or not?
May someone please show me a solution? ^^
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Re: About Bahamut^1 3

Сообщение Heroes73 » 07 мар 2020, 01:19

About card write me to email [email protected]
about names, it's normal, but it you want to fix it, you need download Russian language pack for your windows and all will be work correct
In game my name is [GM]Fantomatic
Skype : AirFlow32

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