hello rzwow

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hello rzwow

Сообщение Miharu » 10 мар 2020, 04:04

bro pls update ur donater shop...add yushiva stone and NPC to exchange the black box to [Bound] crystal of devildoom , that's all , keep update ur server make a lot event and plss upgrade u line to..we are asian player somtimes the server getting very lag and make us feel want to quit also ..
plss disable PK on lvling spot like ML , Bahamut ... many newbie there always die coz pk...and the old player never care the new player lvling or what...pls understand the new player feeling if they cannot lvling , i hope u can fix this issue...i hope this server not late to keep the player not quit because on offical server many player quit because they cannot lvling and farm...just now they give notice who PK inside dungeon will be banned...also pls fix the DE to use 2x crossbow , keep follow up the offical , i hope u can fix this all on 9.6Patch "sorry about the bad english "
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Re: hello rzwow

Сообщение pele100 » 10 мар 2020, 12:20

Allow me to reinforce your statement with ''I TOTALLY AGREE WITH IT'' . beside the PK talk which is logical, The other Classes are Marginalized (Like warkahuna,DE,Mercenary,Templar,Cardinal,...etc) Which leaves you with fewer Options like (VM,Slayer,Corruptor,MM,...etc) .
in addition to that all of what miharu said was logical and PK must be banned from EXP zones .

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