Fix 450x server please

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Fix 450x server please

Сообщение Riley » 19 май 2018, 22:29

Hi I noticed you changed the 1x EXP server to 450x EXP, which is great, BUT you forgot to change quests too...

For example: When I want to complete the quest "Bitter Cost" from Merchant Darby in Horizon the quest window shows that for completing it I get:

4,685,000 EXP
720 JP
40,000,000 R
40,000 P

but it's not true, cause I did other quests in Horizon and only got the base EXP, JP, R and P for each quests like on normal 1x exp server...

I also can't open the game using Launcher.exe, but only with Launcher.bat. Using Windows 10 x64... Tried running as administrator didn't work...

Your mobile DP payment options also DON'T WORK tried all of them and only wasted money... How can I buy DP if I can't and I don't want to loose more money trying paypal too.

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