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My Wishlist

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1. Please add monsters from Tomb of Bahamut and their drops to Trainee Island. Why? So players can get easier to 210. Adding 200 monsters to Trainee Island was a great idea so please add tomb monsters and their drops too.
If youd on't want to add monsters from Tom of Bahamut then change level of:
a) Luminous Ping in Temple of Astraeus (Deva race starting zone in Trainee Island) from 1-2 to 210 and 215 and Luminous Perso from 3 to 220. Also give monsters from Tomb of Bahamut drops and double their number (amount of monsters in zone). Add a new NPC next to guide Eusys that summons quest monsters like Waste Shredder, Banshee, Hector and bosses like all kinds of Witches only (Witch quest part 1 and 2 and Veiled Island too)
b) Little Rooster, Nimble Little Rooster and Sturdy Little Rooster in Tree of Life (Gaia race starting zone in Trainee Island) from:
- 1 to 210 lvl for Little Rooster
- 2 to 215 lvl for Nimble Little Rooster
- 3 to 220 lvl for Sturdy Little Rooster
Bahamut drops from these monsters too and double their number (number of monsters). New NPC next to Guide Canopus that summons quest monsters and bosses only (Witch quest part 1 and 2 and Veiled Island too)
c) Young Opud, Opud and Big Opud in Dusk Veil (Asura race starting zone in Trainee Island) from:
- 1 to 210 lvl for Young Opud
- 2 to 215 lvl for Opud
- 3 to 220 lvl for Big Opud
Bahamut drops from these monsters too and double their number (number of monsters). New NPC next to Guide Arocel that summons quest monsters and bosses only (Witch quest part 1 and 2 and Veiled Island too)
2. Add Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Drillbot, Minotaurus and Undine to Elementary Tutor Camp zone (3-5 of each and 2 minutes respawn time). Give them the same HP and defense like Hidden World monsters have and make them drop +65, +67 soul and crit stones.
3. Increase every pets movement speed when evo3 to min 200-300. This way pet won't get lost when you play a fast char like Slayer.
4. Change ursa caverns monsters points for each kind of bear from:

Young bears 1 to 5
Guard bears 5 - 10
Matriarch Bears 10 - 25
Elders from 1 - 50 (cause they're like the Bear mothers closest guard, so they should give the most points)
Bear Mother 150 - 300

Increase the number of points given from victory box from 2-3m to 5-6, but lower the amount of entries from 10-12 (don't know how many exactly there are) to 5-6. This way you can run ursa caverns much faster.

5. Give 100% success rate when upgrading belts with upgrade kits.
6. Give 100% chance to drop quest items when doing quests.
7. Fix Jlvl stats from 60-100. Right now you get nothing when increasing Jlvl from 60-10. Maybe give +25 to all stats per Jlvl, so at JLvl 100 you get 1000 to all stats.

8. Change basic stats on:

Armor of the Ancient, Lost Souls and Excile to Master Class level (Set bonus stays the same). Do the same with with all 155 lvl weapons and shields (like Leon's Glory, Hector Greataxe, Mace of Learning, Dragon Catcher, Shadowguard Staff, Flasheating Blade, Dimensional Barb, The Silencer, Bloodvial Crossbow, Symbiotic Staff, Draka's Axe, Imbued Shield, Eclipse Shield). You can also make these weapons 180 lvl, add 4 more random stats on them and make them drop only from Trainee Island, Temple of Excile, Relics of Arid Moonlight monsters, with a small chance of dropping from 210 lvl Yeti and Wolfs on Veiled Island. Keep all their normal bonus stats.
For example:

155 lvl weapon - Hector's Greataxe bonus:

Chance on attack to recover HP over time and stun the enemy
Strength +21/ Vitality +21

change to:

180 lvl with increase p.atk (equal to a 180 lvl weapon)

Chance on attack to recover HP over time and stun the enemy
Strength +21/ Vitality +21
+4 random stats

9. If possible increase the initial value of p.atk and m.atk when awakening from 10-400+ to 500-1000 and other stats (agility, evasion, vitality, strength, wisdom, m.acc, m.res, defense, accuracy etc.) to 100-250 (except fro attack speed and cast speed which could be max 50-100).
10. Change Rank 1-7 defense and strike cubes to increase enchantment level of items to 5 only from 1-5.
11. Change special rank 7 cubes to randomly increase your enchantment level from 10-20 only. This will save a lot of time when upgrading items.
12. Lower the prices of soul stones on Ivi trader from 130m to 5-10m. They're too high.
13. Add a new pot to Cash Shop giving all S5 pet unities at once for 2h. Can be 28 days like bark.
14. Add a new pot to Item Shop allowing to summon 2 pets at once for 2h. Can be 28 days too, or increase the dual summoning skill to a level that allow at least 1h or 2h of dual summoning.
15. If possible change the sets of +10 skill cards in Cash Shop to +15 and +10 from Ivi trader and keep the 5m price (from Ivi trader). You could upgrade the +10 skill cards from Ivi to max +12 with normal cubes, but for 13-15 you would need ancient cubes only.
16. If possible give gold boxes from altar a small chance to contain a donation key for gift donation boxes.
17. Give the lak exchange NPC the possibility (if you can) to exchange lak for Arena Points too and Gen Points, for example 1000-2500 AP and 1m-2,5m Gen Points (100m Gen Points MAX a day - after 24h you can get another 100m and so on) from 55k lak necklace. Give 10x more Rupees when exchanged 55k lak necklace.
18. Lower the cooldown of all Shadow Hunters (Dead Eye) AoE skills to 30 seconds - 1 minute. Right now they are basically useless for farming...
19. Make Stamina Saver Deluxe restore 400 stamina instead of 200 and when you drink Growth Potions you should get 400% instead of 200% EXP and JP for you and Pet. Right now leveling from 190-220 is a pain, doesn't matter if you solo or in 8 player party...
20. Make Navislamia like labyrinth - party only and add 1 or 2 monsters like Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Drillbot, Minotaurus and Undine to each room. This way you farm them easily, not worrying about others...
21. Awakened Helmets should ALWAYS give a bonus to Active, Passive or All skills for each race like on circus belts. Armor, Helmet, Gloves, Boots from Disorted Space and Nusilit's should also have a chance to get bonus to all skills like on circus belt.
22. Make Disorted Space sets have minimum 3 sockets with chance of 4 and 6 random effects always when defined.
23. Make Nusilit's set have always 4 sockets on Armor, Gloves, Boots, Helmet with random 5 effects and 1 Crit Power 10-14 effect when defined.
24. Increase the success rate of taming unique monsters when using a scroll of creature taming. Right now it's horrible.
25. Add summon scrolls (like those you get for donating to altar) for bosses from Ruins, City of Dead Gods and Spirits monsters like Keeper of Treasury, Master Skeleton.
26. Add a special consumable to Item Shop that gives you immunity to PK. Make it 28 days like bark of ancient ent. When used this pot would increase all your stats, by 10000, give 100000 increased HP recovery and give you 50000 P.def and M.def and also apply a debuff to the PKer when you're being attacked that drains his life by 25% until he's dead. This pot would give you increased stats, P.def and M.def ONLY when attacked by another player. It would also last for 2h just like bark of ancient ent. PK would not work after using this pot too, so you could not kill any other player too.
27 If you don't want to add the immunity to PK item to cash shop than DISABLE PK in ALL Dungeons! Everyday I hear in my guild that someone is PKed in a dungeon. Most PKers use cheats like speed hacks or auto clickers for their advantage too. I STOPPED farming dungeons like Tomb of Bahamut or World of Styx because of it and I could tank 3-4 monsters at once there... If you think that PKing in dungeons will encourage or force people to buy 200-215 lvl box from item shop then you're wrong. If I want to buy these boxes I will, but not beacause I can't farm any high level dungeons to get highier level.
Most players who can't farm in dungeons like Tomb of Bahamut, City of the Dead Gods, Ancient Ruins, Hidden World or any other dungeon rage quit this server, cause of that and saying that this is a PK server is no excuse. If you want to PK just shout PK Hori field or go to the arena and prove yourself there, no need to make others mad not allowing them to play them their favourite dungeons... Many players like me who just enjoy farming dungeons donate to server REAL money, so if you keep ignoring them they might quit doing it.
If you don't want to disable PK than just allow ONLY parties to enter all dungeons. Making a party would be enough to enter it like in labyrinth and only 1 party at once could enter. PKing in trainee island is disabled and there's barely anyone there, so saying that people will start botting is wrong.
28. If you don't want to disable PK in all dungeons than add a special bottle to Item Shop that when used gives you a "Pacifist" title. This title makes you be impossible to attacked, by players with PK on, but also doesn't allow you to use PK too. This title can be subbed to work. It would make your character unable to attack by players with PK on just like you can't attack Baby Moon Rabbits.
29. Gain 60% of subbed titles instead of 30%.
30. Right now arenas (Horizon, Katan and Laksy) are useless in game and no one goes there. Why not make it more interesting by gaining Arena Points when PKing on arena or dueling there. Also give some kind of titles for killing 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 players on arena. Titles like +25% to all stats or ancient ent like... PKing or dueling on arena could also give the player who won a special item (trophy or something like that). When you get arround 100-1000 trophies you can exchange them to a special NPC near that arena for +25 lvl 10 PVP items, or special buffs that only work on the arena, like increased stun resist, movement speed, attack speed, cast speed etc. This way people who like PKing would be REWARDED for it and others who like to farm dungeons could level up in peace.
31. Lower the price of Scroll of creature taming from 30m to 3m. It's a bit too expensive.
32. Increase the amount of Arena Points gained when exchanged by Ivi tader NPC for 25000 JP from 100 to 250.
33. Update quest rewards (EXP, JP, Gen Points and Rupees) from x500 to x3000.
34. Fix a bug with Blacksmith who consumes ALL mithril ore even when you upgrade items from lvl 1 - 10. Lost 1000 mithril ore this way.
35. Double p.atk, m.atk given when upgrading item by Blacksmith from lvl 10 - 50.
36. Lower the price of Mithril ore from Blasksmith store from 5000 Gen Points to 50 Gen Points.
37. Lower the prices of Awakening Crystals - Armor, Earrings, Rings, Necklace from 500000 to 5000 Gen Points.
38. Lower the price of Enhanced Potion of Experience from 7500000 to 75000 Gen Points. Right now it's waaay too expensive.
39. Make Sweet Chocolate Bar reusable from 60 seconds to 5 seconds, but not possible to use in PK. Now it's useless.
40. Lower the prices of special cube attack r7 and special cube of protection r7 from Arena Merchant Jana from 100 to 10.
41. Increase the max amount of Rupees that can be stored in Warehouse from 1,000,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000,000.
42. Add Blue Egg, Rotten Greeen Egg, Powerful Flame, Clean Water, Clean Air, Special Health Potion, Special Mana Potion, Eyedrops to Arena Merchant Jana - Consumables. Each 100x Blue Egg, Rotten Green Egg, Powerful Flame, Clean Air, Clean Water, Special Health Potion, Special Mana Potion and Eyedrops for 1000 or 2500 Arena Points.
43. Give 10x T-Protect powders, 10x [Unique] Soul Taming Card: Empty, 5x of every +65 soul stone (crit stone too), 1000x Silver Ingnots, 10x Crystals of awakening - Armor, Gloves, Boots, Earrings, Rings, Necklace, 1x Ancient Skill, 20x Advanced Soul Catalysts Cube when you hit 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204 level.
44. Make Nusilit's Set level 200 not 205.
45. Change the all stats bonus on decorative bear items for weapons and shields from +2 to +50.
46. Add:
- 1x random Unique S5 Pet (Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Death Tyrant, Drillbot, Minotaurus, Undine, White Dragon) and 1x random Unique S5 Soul Pet for Box with level 200 and 10x Creature Respecialization Potions and 10x Soul Creature Respecialization Potions
- 2x random Unique S5 Pets (Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Death Tyrant, Drillbot, Minotaurus, Undine, White Dragon) and 2x random Unique S5 Soul Pets for Box with level 210 and 20x Creature Respecialization Potions and 20x Soul Creature Respecialization Potions
- 3x random Unique S5 Pets (Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Death Tyrant, Drillbot, Minotaurus, Undine, White Dragon) and 3x random Unique S5 Soul Pet for Box with level 215 and 30x Creature Respecialization Potions and 30x Soul Creature Respecialization Potions
This will make boxes with 200-215 level even more interesting to buy.
47. Increase the max amount of Rupees you can carry in inventory from 1,000,000,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000.
48. Lower the cost of Goddess's Boxes received from altar for donating:
- from 1000 points to 500 points for Goddess's Metal Box
- from 5000 points to 2500 points for Goddess's Bronze Box
- from 10000 points to 5000 points for Goddess's Silver Box
- from 30000 points to 15000 points for Goddess's Gold Box
49. Increase ALL CLASSES AOE skills damage 10 times (10x) and lower all skills that have over 1 minute cooldown to 15-30 seconds. Why? Because AoE skills deal too low damage on dungeon monsters, this way you can kill dungeon monsters faster and decrease the lag you get from tanking 5-10 monsters at once... In PvP the damage of AoE skills could decreased by 50-75%.
50. Make Templars skill:
- Light of Salvation (AoE) also Stun for 6-8 seconds, each time it's cast. This would be great for PvP
- Heart of Prayer when Lv 2. It should increase MAX HP by 240 or 480% of your P.Def on Lv2 and increase P.Atk, M.Atk by 24 or 48% of your MAX HP on Lv2. Prefer 480% of P.Def and 48% of MAX HP, because Templars damage is VERY LOW when fighting high level dungeon monsters.
51. Reduce damage taken when Stunned, Blinded, Petrified, Feared or Slowed in PvP by 50% and unchanged for PvE.
52. Add +75 soul stones and Crit soul stones too (6 crit rate, 15-16 Crit Power - don't know the values on maxed out crit stone ;/) to Item Shop. These would be Cash Shop items only. You could not make them or farm them in game.
53. Add 10x and 100x Ancient Skill Cube to Cash Shop, do the same with Advanced Soul Catalyst.
54. PLEASE make the ent from Cash Shop S2 and leave the price as it is. Change the Ent from Blacksmith to S1 and lower the cost from 1.2m Gen Points to 6-8m Gen Points. Add MORE pet unities for S1-5 ent buffer.
55. Give Goddess's Gold Boxes a chance to get 1-5 random +65 soul stones, 1-2 Ancient Skill Cubes and 10-50 Mithril Ores.
56. If possible add a Special Rank 7 Amalgam and Invar to Cash Shop.
- Special Rank 7 Amalgam would increase enchantment level of your +20 weapon to +25 with no need for another +20 weapon. You just put the +20 weapon you want to enhance in main slot and the special rank 7 amalgam in extra slot. It would be a Cash Shop item only available for sale in x1, x10 and x100 option.
- Special Rank 7 Invar would increase enchantment level of your +20 armor to +25 with no need for another +20 armor (of any kind). You just put the +20 armor you want to enhance in main slot and the special rank 7 invar in extra slot. It would be a Cash Shop item only available for sale in x1, x10 and x100 option.
57. BAN players who hack the server using programs that create LAG and DC you when in PvP or that increase their stats which only harm others who just want to play for fun...
58. Add a special title for players who enjoy doing quests, but don't want to be PKed. You could get the title by completing 10 none Daily quest. It would make you immune to PK (like the Pacifist title), but it would only work in field, not in dungeons. As for the "Pacifit" title it could cost as much as bark of ancient ent in cash shop.
59. Add every 1-2 weeks on weekends a random event. For example:
- 75% success rate for taming unique monsters and boss and 100% when using summon scrolls for a weekend (this would be perfect for people who like to farm bosses in dungeons if you made Ancient Ruins, City of the Dead Gods, Hidden World, Tomb of Bahamut, World of Styx, Relics of Arid Moonlight 1-2 and Spirits private only like labyrinth - party only; just create a party, no need for any other player)
- Double EXP (changes server to x6000 from x3000), JP when farming monsters or doing quests
- Twice as much (2x) Gen Points from Victory boxes when doing Ursa Caverns
60. Make Quest Brokers from Horizon, Laksy, Katan give you 10x St. Geaorge Ribbon and 10x Red Stars for finishing their quests and a Rupee Box containing 1b - 10b Rupees (random).
61. Increase the level cap between players in party to 20. For example a 200 level player gains as much Exp and JP as a 220 level player.
62. Change the cap when farming monsters that are lower level than you to 20 levels, for example if you're 180 level you can farm 160 levels and gain as much Exp, JP and items as killing a 180 lvl monster.
63. Make Special Health Potion and Special Mana Potion from Hidden World be able to be put in warehouse and increase the Remaining Recovery Amount from 20000 to 200000.
64. Make S4 Underground bosses like Medusa, Black Widow, Bone Dragon and Microraptor ALWAYS drop random bestial item when killed and ADD 2-4 random effects to this items, but KEEP the high +5.3 crit rate and +17.0 Power on it, for example:

Normal Bestial Gargoyle Tail

+17.0 Crit Power
+5.3 Crit Rate

NEW Bestial Gargoyle Tails

2-4 random effects
+17.0 Crit Power
+5.3 Crit Rate

Make these bosses also ALWAYS drop 1-2x [Unique] Soul Taming Cards: Empty on S4 Underground dungeons only.
65. Give your critical strikes a 15-20% chance to recover 10% of your MAX HP per second and 5% of your MAX HP per second ALWAYS when you are under 30% of your MAX HP for EVERY CLASS in game. Why? Because now to solo high level dungeon monsters you need a Soul of Lunacy card, to farm efficient and on this server you ALWAYS crit. This way you don't have to use a healer pet all the time or the Soul of Lunacy boss card on your belt when soloing high level dungeon monsters. This would only work when attacking monsters, not in PvP.
66. Add complete sets of +10 skill cards for Master Classes to Ivi Trader (if you agree to add +15 skill cards to Item Shop, if not then add complete sets of +5 skill cards).
67. ALLOW ENGLISH only letters or text when creating shops on Flea Market. I can't see what others are selling or buying in their shops if they're not in english or make it possible to see other language text above shops too.
68. Make all fresh characters 150 instead of 50 when you create a new one and give them 10000M JPs. It's pointless to level up from 50 anyway, might aswell start each character with 150 level.
69. Add a NEW formula for Polished Soul Stones (from labyrinth) - 10 Polished Soul Stones + 1 Extreme Power = 1 Teardrop Soul Stone of same kind. 100% success rate. CAN'T FAIL.
70. Add a NEW formula for Teardrop Soul Stones (from Ivi Trader) - 10 Teardrop Soul Stones + 10 Extreme Power = 1 Greatest Soul Stone of same kind. 100% success rate. CAN'T FAIL.


The cost of entering the dungeon would be 250m by the dungeon teleporter. Once in "dungeon" there would be a Daily Quest NPC. He or She would ask you to kill 50 monsters of each kind. After accepting the quest you would be teleported to the actual dungeon which would be as big as spirits, but also dark as Hidden World. Once there PK would activate in 3 seconds. The dungeon would be full of ALL game bosses (210-225 lvl), but they would be as big as your unique soul pets and as easy to kill as Hidden World monsters, but give 2x as much EXP and JP as monsters in World of Styx. If you get PKed in this dungeon you would also loose 10x Fairy Locks and 10x God Bother Fairy Bottles. Pacifist title would NOT work in this dungeon (if you added it to game).

Each monster killed would drop 5-10 Gold Ingnots, 10-25 T-Protects, 10m Rupees, all the buffs from Hidden World BUT NOT timed (tradeable), 5-10 Empty [Unique] Soul Taming Cards: Empty, random TAMED creature of ANY rarity except Soul Creatures, 1-5 Special Cube Attack Rank 7, 1-5 Special Cube of Protection Rank 7, 5-10x St'George Ribbons, 5-10x Red Stars, 1-2 Enhanced Potion of Experience, 10-25x Crystals of Awakening (All kinds - Armor, Gloves, Helmet, Boots, Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Weapon), 1-2x Combined Candy - level 3, a new special Health Potion that restores 25% of your HP when used and has a 2 seconds cooldown (would work in PvP too), and random +67-69 soul stones (crit too). Of course the drops would be random, doesn't mean you would always get everything from the list every time killing a monster.

After completing the quest you just have to go back to where you've been teleported after talking too the Quest NPC, there would be a portal to the NPC.

As reward you would get a box with a ? (question mark) on it, 10 Asura Coins, 10,000,000,000 Rupees and 2x Boxes with 10m holic (gen) points.

The ? box would conatain one of the following:
- 100,000,000,000 Rupee Box (tradeable)
- 1x random +25 Nusilit's set item (Armor or Helmet or Gloves or Boots)
- 1x random S1-S5 Unique or Soul Pet
- 1x 24h bark of ancient ent (tradeable)
- 1x 7 days World Cup Ring (tradeable)

This quest could be completed ONLY ONCE a day like all dailies, but you could farm this dungeon for as long as you like (there would be a portal near the NPC leading to actual dungeon after completing the quest).

This dungeon would be PERFECT for PKers and guild leaders who could support their members, who are too weak to enter this dungeon by trading them the rewards from the ? boxes if they (guild leaders) didn't need them.


On the last day of every month or last saturday and sunday, GIVE ALL high level (180-220 lvl) dungeon monsters and bosses the same Defense and Health as 210 lvl Yetis and Wolfs from Kaia's Lake on Veiled Island and give 2x increased item drop from every dungeon monster and boss and 10x more gold, but lower the EXP and JP you gain by 50% (dungeon monsters and bosses only).

During this event ALL dungeon monsters and bosses would have 15-30 seconds respawn time. For the duration of this event there would be 4x more monsters in World of Styx, Tomb of Bahamut, Hidden World, City of the Dead Gods, Treasury of Spirits and Trainee Island (this includes level 200 monsters too). Every dungeon could be entered ONLY in a PARTY like the labyrinth (unless you would FINALLY agree to make all dungeons like the labyrinth - PARTY ONLY). PK would be DISABLED on this day or days (if you decided to make it a 2 day event - saturday and sunday) for both x3000 and x450 server.

This way if you're too weak to solo high level dungeons you could finally enjoy farming monsters and bosses you could not before...

I will update the list every time I find there's more that needs to be changed or added...

I play this server many hours (mostly farm) and support it by donating, so it would be great if you added this to game :)

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