[PREVIEW] New SplashLogin's

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[PREVIEW] New SplashLogin's

Сообщение DeathCreeper » 05 фев 2019, 21:37

Hello all....

We are two Peoples to work on Scripting, Designing Graphics and more. In Future we will work for more Stuff, Tools and more.

What we will do? In Future we will work for "Guild-Templates", Logos, Signatures, Client Updates for HD, New Pets, New Mobs, New Graphics in Game...……..

The first what we do, is the old SplashLoading to Change anything.

Here are 3 new SplashLoading's to see:

(this is from DeathCreeper)

(this is from DarkAngel)

(this is from DeathCreeper and DarkAngel)

All this have we for more ( as example as Serverlogin screens :) ) In future i will more work with my best friend for this. We hope we see any feedbacks :)

DeathCreeper and DarkAngel
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Re: [PREVIEW] New SplashLogin's

Сообщение notreallyhere1977 » 06 фев 2019, 01:35

I dig the 3rd one, looks good though on all of them. but im tossing a vote out the for the 3rd. keep up good work guys.
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Re: [PREVIEW] New SplashLogin's

Сообщение MCTrainee » 16 фев 2019, 22:02

I have an Idea for the Server.

Make the Area with Level 170-200 Mobs 50 Level higher.
Right now it is for Treasure Items. But we have also other Areas with the same loot. So I would like if this zone can be used, after we can level up our character over 220! That would be great!
So it could be an Area for Level 220-250 with other loot.

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