A few ideas i have

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A few ideas i have

Сообщение fbN » 11 авг 2017, 19:22

Hello readers,
I want to share one of my ideas for the server, hopefully that they might be accepted and put in to the game.

First of all i would love to see perm cs helmets r3 and r4 , for example hidden avenger (the red hood). I really want to use them for transmogfying charm sooo badly. i would die for that.

My second idea was to remove some pk zones for example in Hidden.

By talking about hidden, i would really enjoy seeing some Monsters in Hidden closer to level 210 because it is pretty hard to farm JP in Hidden with lvl 210.

I really think the Fleamarket is not that necessary. Back in time, in Rappel Epic 4, People were able to open up shops EVERYWHERE. that would be nice.

These are all my ideas i have at the moment. Would be nice if one russian guy could translate that for the russian players.

Thank you for reading.

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