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Сообщение Riley » 04 июл 2018, 13:05

You can ignore it, but if you do do you'll prove my point, that you only care about money not players.

Make Box of Football fanat drop SAME as energy of wind, gold, fire and water!


Because of the bug you fixed players could easily get THOUSANDS of items from Box of Footbal fanat. This event IS NOT PERMANENT, it will END soon. If you do this players can FARM maybe 1000-2000 Box of Football fanat A DAY! This way players WHO CAN'T afford OVERPRICED Item Shop ents will get a CHANCE to have a S2-S4 ent. You can END the event on 10th July instead of 20th.

Players in game are most interested in 200-215 Level Boxes AND DONATION POINTS boxes from other players when it comes to Item Shop, but SOMEONE HAS TO BUY DP from item shop with REAL MONEY. Prove that you care and listen to players and don't only want to get as much MONEY from us as possible.

Prove me wrong and I'll continue to donate to server, unlike one of my guild mate said that "this dead server isn't worth donating real money".

If you add this change to game I'll keep making more threads with ideas and suggestions on how to imrpove server. If you don't I'll stop making any suggestion or giving any idea at all.

You can also IGNORE and say YOU CAN'T do it as always. It's up to you.


The only reason I didn't quit server is because you restored my account, but unfortunately I lost my faith in you...

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